The best natural eye creams all have ingredients that: hydrate, rejuvenate, tone, & soothe. With such an amazing selection to chose from, how do you know which eye cream is the best buy for you? Let our honest, evaluative Natural Beauty Buyer's Guide help you choose! Spirit Demerson and her Advisory Board of skin care professionals helped us sort out the differences so that you don't have to.

Budget Buy for 20s-30s
PROS: Chock full of superfruit antioxidants - use this to prevent lines before they start!

CONS: Lacks the potency needed for real age-reversal.

Best for Puffiness
PROS: Eyebright extract helps stimulate the release of trapped fluids to reduce puffiness.

CONS: Rare, but the essential oils can irritate some users.

Best for Crows Feet
PROS: Let's just say this is like calling in the "big guns". Potent cocoa bean & sea algae begin to restore and rejuvenate in just 28 days.

CONS: Turning back the clock comes with a price.

Model's Secret Weapon
PROS: Supermodels swear by this for fast results when they don't get enough sleep.

CONS: Slightly grainy texture doesn't make the best makeup base.

Best for Dark Circles
PROS: Nothing seems to work on dark circles ... except this! Thanks to White Lily flower extract.

CONS: This concentrated serum is potent but not very hydrating. Some will need extra moisture.

Most Hydrating
PROS: This eye cream is hydrating enough for the driest skin & climates.

CONS: Can be too emollient to use under makeup.

Best for Sunken Eyes
PROS: Collagen-boosting peptides in a silky textured serum will reverse the "sunken socket" look caused by collagen loss.

CONS: Results will be gradual (but worth the wait!)

Best for Sensitive
PROS: Dryness, lines, redness & dark circles aren't just signs of aging - they can actually be signs of irritation & inflammation. This works by calming & soothing.

CONS: Gentler actives can mean milder results.

Best Prep Product
PROS: Potent actives perfectly plump & soften, leaving a supple smooth surface under makeup.

CONS: May not be appropriate for sensitive skin.

Best for Dry Mature
PROS: For delicate dry eye (& lip!) areas. The potency of a serum with the hydration of a cream in an easily absorbed luxury oil.

CONS: Lacks the firming action some desire.