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Accutane is a derivative of vitamin A also known as cis-retinoic acid. Such a drug with the exact name Accutane began to be sold in 1982. It was made by a Swiss pharmaceutical company. The main active substance is Isotretinoin.

What is the feature of Accutane?

Accutane has always been different from all other similar remedies. Its main feature is in the fact that it actually works. However, there is still no clear explanation about how it works and why. In clinical trials, Accutane showed 90 percent of efficiency. It’s definitely a great news. The bad ones is that the drug has plenty side effects. Many specialists nevertheless consider it to be the most effective in its field.

What should I fear while treating with Accutane?

The risk for every patient who takes Accutane is serious enough. The main and most frequent side effects of Accutane are:

  • lips inflammation
  • dry skin
  • conjunctivitis
  • rash and hair loss
  • skin infections
  • increased susceptibility to sunburn.

Most often, teenagers suffer from acne. This is why Accutane, based on Isotretinoin, is often used to treat adolescents. However, in this case, you should use Accutane with the utmost care.

New remedies appear on the market almost daily. It is necessary, in particular, to weigh the risk and benefit of Accutane and decide whether the benefits are worth the risk. And for this it is necessary to know all the possible consequences of the medicine used, and not only the most obvious, visible to the naked eye.

Is the effect long-term?

From the pharmaceutical information about Accutane, it can be seen that it acts not only on the skin. In high concentration, it is deposited in many tissues and organs. Studies show that within a week after taking the drug is detected in:

  • liver
  • ureters
  • adrenal glands
  • lacrimal glands.

In addition, Accutane causes changes in the blood. 25 percents of the studies showed an increase in plasma triglycerides, 25 percents experienced a decrease in high-density lipoproteins, and cholesterol increased in 7 percents. This means that the drug removal from the body takes long enough time. The rehabilitation period after treatment can take even longer than the treatment itself. In the process of recovery, it is not recommended to abuse other tablets in order not to provoke aggravation of side effects.

It is strongly discouraged to use Accutane and other Isotretinoin-based products for the treatment of children younger than 16 years of age. Otherwise, the drug may provoke premature closure of the epiphysis and, as a consequence, insufficient growth of the child’s body.

At present, the study of the influence of Accutane on human sperm continues, but no specific data on the negative effect was obtained.

Features of the disease that Accutane heals

Acne of any type is a skin surface disease. It has an inflammatory character, and is excited by the failure of a special pilosebaceous structure, which in turn consists of hair follicles, as well as sebaceous and sweat glands. The rapid development of such acne is carried out by a special mechanism:

  • violates the work of sweat and sebaceous glands, and such a phenomenon as hyper secretion of sweat and sebum, can lead to quick formation of comedones
  • all this, like a cork, covers all skin pores
  • a large amount of keratin and sebum causes an enlargement of the glands, leads to an increase in secretion, enlarging the total volume of fat
  • the process of fat concentration, as is known, automatically creates certain conditions for the rapid formation of inflammation
  • the formation of a certain purulent nature of the substance is collected under the surface of the epidermis, which leads to the formation of acne.

Application of analogues

There are a number of complex drugs, such as Accutane, which have an effect on reducing the secretory functions of the sebaceous glands. Many of them also operate on the basis of Generic Isotretinoin, but some use other active ingredients. The most popular analogues of Generic Accutane are:

  • Roaccutane
  • Acnekutan
  • Retasol, etc.

You can buy Isotretinoin online in any form that suits you. You can also buy Accutane online without prescription. Want to save money? Choose Accutane for sale, as Accutane for sale has the lowest price in comparison with analogues. If you want to choose any of the drugs from the list, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with its features, as each medicine has its own nuances. This can be both side effects, and contraindications, which you should keep in mind. If you have any doubts, try to get a consultation with a doctor in advance. So you can order Accutane without prescription or its analogue and be sure of maximum safety of treatment.

Can I buy Accutane by myself?

To date, the Internet provides us with a lot of opportunities, among which there is the chance to buy Isotretinoin online for self-treatment. Already today, you can buy Accutane online and apply it to your destination to make your skin clean and beautiful. If you decide to buy Accutane online on your own, the main thing is to study the detailed instructions and in any case not to exceed the indicated dosages. If you want to order Accutane, you can get Isotretinoin without prescription with a delivery to your home. It is very convenient and most economical both for money and for your time.