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Priti Crystal Glass Nail File
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Spirit swears by this nail file for nails that peel and break - like getting a good haircut when you have split ends, nails too need to be filed carefully to prevent even worse splitting. Using files that are too coarse can actually promote nail damage and polish chipping!
Priti offers the only glass file guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.

With continued use, this crystal glass file will reduce the chipping, peeling and splitting of your natural nails. Filing surface is so smooth; it will not disturb nail polish during touch ups, this glass file comes with a pointed tip for hard to reach cleaning of the nails. Filing surface is non‐porous, double‐sided and permanently etched into the glass.

Made from float glass, the same process used to produce wine goblets and crystal vases. Environmentally safe. NO lead is added or chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Files that have not been through the tempering and hardening process can splinter. Designed to break in a blunt fashion, should you drop your file, reducing the risk of injury.

A protective sheath is included with each file.

Made Responsibly in China.