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Scotch Naturals Non-Toxic Nail Polish Neat
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Have fresh, clean and neat manicured nails all the time with this pink créme.

Scotch Naturals non-toxic water-based nail polish keeps nails safe, healthy and gorgeous!
Keep your nails polished and pretty without the dreadful chemical fumes! Scotch Naturals Nail Polish hydrates the nail, helping to prevent the chipping, peeling and yellowing commonly associated with harsh conventional nail products. 0.35 oz.

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish is:
SAFE Completely Water Based. No Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Toluene or other petrochemical solvents!
EASY Two thin coats, no base coat, no top coat (some nail preparation required)
FAST Dries to touch usually within 3 minutes, dries to use between 10 - 15 minutes
VEGAN Not tested on animals and free of animal products

*For best results and extended wear, we strongly recommend starting your mani with the Scotch Naturals Base Coat.

Made in the USA.