We used to think that skin care should be "oil-free" - that it would clog the pores & cause greasiness & breakouts. With natural & organic plant oils, that couldn't be further from the truth! Organic face oils nourish the skin, hydrate the skin, heal the skin, and balance the skin, no matter what the skin "type" is. Naturally, luxury organic face oils are perfect for hydrating the driest skin, but one of the best treatments for oily skin and breakouts is also organic face oil. There are so many to chose from. Our honest expert guide to organic face oils will help you decide which one is best for you!

Nature's active extracts and oils are most potent when they are undiluted and applied directly to clean, dry skin. Many of the ingredients in moisturizers that are meant to hydrate and protect your skin, can dilute or buffer the effectiveness of the active ingredients. That is why many dermatologists now recommend that we apply rejuvenating concentrates, known as serums, before applying makeup, moisturizer or sunscreen. Using a natural face serum versus a conventional synthetic serum is like eating fruit and vegetables instead of popping a vitamin. Your body loves the real thing! Real vitamins and nutrients from plant life are often better absorbed and synthesised by the skin than synthetic ones. Many serums on the market today are silicone based. Silicones are plastic-based polymers that form a plastic film over your skin, making it appear and feel temporarily smoother. Over time, with this invisible waterproof film over the skin cells, your skin begins to suffocate and may become inflamed, dehydrated and congested which ironically, may trick you into using even more product to get a better result. Organic facial serums are the safest way to deliver the most bio-available nutrients to your skin. Check out our honest, evaluative Natural Beauty Buyer's Guide to Facial Serums to find out which one is best for you!

For Chronic Dryness
PROS: Chronic dry skin needs this oil because it penetrates deeply enough to truly restore hydration & cure, rather than cover dryness.

CONS: Some ingredients may irritate the most sensitive skins.

Budget Buy
PROS: Full of antioxidants to fight free radical activity and high in oleic acid for ideal skin absorption.

CONS: Lovely for dry skin but not as beneficial for combination/oily.

The Fixall
PROS: For years, supermodels have been using this as an all-purpose skin-saver. Blemishes, dry patches & inflammation all come into balance within one use.

CONS: The aroma is distinct and lasting so you'll have to love it to use it.

The Essential
PROS: The highest quality argan oil can be the only skin care product you'll ever need. Treat acne, eczemaa, wrinkles & dryness with just one oil.

CONS: No frills, bells or whistles. For better or worse, this oil isn't scented or infused with any other ingredients.

The Queen
PROS: The "Queen" of all face oils. Nothing else gives the skin the radiance & vibrance like this argan based "little miracle" does.

CONS: Some don't find it hydrating enough. You may need an added moisturizer.

The Breakout Banisher
PROS: Master esthetician & herbalist Vered Back has been curing her clients of blemishes & acne with her secret formula for years. Now we can all have her secret formula!

CONS: Mild irritation may occur during initial adjustment period.

Glow Getter
PROS: This vanilla scented oil absorbs instantly, leaving only a glowy, not greasy sheen on the skin, perfectly primed for applying makeup.

CONS: Dry skin in dry climates may need extra moisture.

A Bedtime Wonder!
PROS: Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Argan Oil combine to transform the appearance of your skin, while soothing Rose Oil lightly scents your sweetest dreams.

CONS: Ingredients are photosensitive so not for extended sun exposure.

The Silky Soother
PROS: The beautiful aroma will calm & lift you but the silky, hydrating-not-heavy oils will give your skin an instantly rejuvenated look too.

CONS: Not suited for combination or oily skin.

The Princess
PROS: A beautifully simple blend of favorite organic plant oils & citrus essential oils make this an easy-please- all everyday anti-aging face oil for normal skin.

CONS: Ingredients can sensitize the skin to the sun. Not ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The Retinol Replacement
PROS: You CAN eliminate acne scars, hyperpigmentation & fine lines naturally - without the side effects of perscription retinols! Rosehip is the analog Vitamin A.

CONS: Photosensitive ingredinets mean you'll have to stay out of the sun or use only at night.

For Mature Skin
PROS: This concentrated, potent oil turns back the clock on dark spots & wrinkles with Cocoa Bean extract.

CONS: Dramatic results come with a price.

Turn Back the Clock

PROS: Chock full of scientifically proven natural actives like cocoa extract, sea algae & acerola. this works on hyperpigmentation & wrinkles.

CONS: Real results come with a price!

Vitamin Shot
PROS: Beauty Editors use this "all day long" - it actually mixes beautifully with foundation. Think of it as a vitamin shot for your skin.

CONS: Antioxidants help prevent aging, but aren't likely to reverse it. Use this in your 20s.

Oil Around the World
PROS: For face oil lovers,who can't make up their minds, this serum gives you the best face oils from all over the world, all in one! Best for normal skin 25-35.

CONS: Slightly heavier texture makes this not ideal for oily skin/humid climates.

Silky Perfection
PROS: This silky serum feels incredibly light, yet deeply hydrating on the skin. CoQ10 gives it an anti-aging boost. Beautiful under makeup.

CONS: You'll want to use it everywhere - hair, body, nails and skin!

Maintain Gorgeous

PROS: A simple, beautiful, pure formula for keeping skin looking as youthful & radiant as possible.A little bit of prevention - a little bit of rejuvenation.

CONS: This slightly rich lotion/serum may not be suited for oily or breakout prone skin.

Tone Correction

PROS: Finally! A natural true serum for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma & sun damage. With any of the above - your product is here!

CONS: Some of these actives have been known to rritate highly sensitive skin types.

A Bedtime Wonder!

PROS: Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Argan Oil combine to transform the appearance of your skin, while soothing Rose Oil lightly scents your sweetest dreams.

CONS: Ingredients are photosensitive so not for extended sun exposure.

Smooth, Firm, Plump!

PROS: Straight from nature, this juicy, yummy serum has 29, proven effective natural actives to gently reverse signs of aging. Perfect for combination skin 25-60.

CONS: Not as effective on pigmentation as it is on lines & wrinkles.