About Us | The Spirit

"It's amazing to see how the green movement has grown over just the last couple of years. It seems like every day a new organic beauty company is launched or an existing company adds more natural products to its lineup. Suddenly, we no longer have to choose between something we lust and something we trust is not going to be harmful to our bodies or the environment. Still, it can be very difficult and confusing searching for high performance, organic, cruelty-free, green products that look good too!

I've spent a lifetime trying to reconcile my love of luxury beauty with my commitment to healthy and sustainable living. While studying cosmetology I realized I was more fascinated with the chemistry and biology of it all, than with the idea of performing services. I obsessively research everything I'm passionate about and in my years of researching cosmetic chemistry and ingredients, found it increasingly difficult to find products that were truly safe, sustainable and natural, but also high performance, effective and glamorous. I longed for a place to shop where all of the products were as green and clean as they were beautiful, and that place didn't exist so I created it!

I started Spirit Beauty Lounge because I want it to be easy and fun to shop for the most effective and most beautiful green and organic products in one place. I don't believe you have to sacrifice convenience, quality, beauty or luxury in search of healthful personal care & cosmetics. I analyze ingredients and test organic products like I've been doing for myself, my friends and my family for many years, so that you can shop safe and enjoy the transition to greener, healthier living."

Spirit Demerson