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Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer
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With the convenience of a stick applicator, Vapour Organic Beauty's Illusionist Concealer quickly and effectively helps perfect trouble spots. Illusionist covers dark circles and blemishes effortlessly and blends beautifully in combination with Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. Illusionist provides excellent coverage but never deposits unevenly and does not clog pores. Its light touch instantly gives the skin a healthier and more even appearance.Vapour Illusionist Concealer is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients. The other 30% consists of natural mineral pigments and vitamins which are not available as certified organics.

Designed with a higher pigment load for areas that need extra coverage
* Immediately moisturizes, brightens, and evens skin tone
* Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and pores
* Enhances the skin's natural, healthy glow
* Helps transform the look and feel of your skin
* Moisturizing base allows minerals to move with the skin
* Pigments won't deposit in pores or fine lines
* Will not clog pores

Infused with Vapour's Organic botanicals: anti-inflammatory Frankincense, anti-oxidant Tulsi and cooling and calming Lotus Flower. 0.16 oz.

See our Vapour Foundation color guide to determine your skin tone, then finding the right concealer is easy!
000 For use with Vapour's 90 or 100 foundation.
010 For use with Vapour's 100, 110 or 115 foundation.
015 For use with Vapour's 110 or 115 foundation.
020 For use with Vapour's 120 or 125 foundation.
030 For use with Vapour's 130 or 135 foundation.
035 For use with Vapour's 135 foundation.
040 For use with Vapour's 140 foundation.
050 For use with Vapour's 150 foundation.
060 For use with Vapour's 160 foundation.

Made in the USA.