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The internet can be an invaluable resource or a vast wasteland of misinformation. It's hard to know which sites you can trust! Our favorite resources share a clever, knowledgable, fair & balanced attitute about a tangled, confusing, provocative, exciting & age-old subject: beauty. Whether you're trying to learn more about ingredients or looking for fresh finds, when we're not going to Spirit, we go here...

Sara Jane Mercer

Truth in Aging
For ingredient info in easy to digest laymen's terms & possibly the most honest & educated product reviews you can find.

No More Dirty Looks
The authors of the "Beauty Bible of Our Generation" take on natural beauty with fun, irreverant features & discussions.
Dr Frank Lipman
Fig + Sage
Erin & Stancie's celver green living & natural beauty interviews, news, reviews done with a keen & modern sense of style.

Chemical of the Day
A scientific, fact-based analyzation of mind-boggling beauty product ingredients from the perspecitive of a natural beauty product formulator.