About Spirit

acquarellaSpirit Demerson
Loves: raw, organic gourmet food, a nice long bath, portrait painting
Guilty Pleasures: sunbathing, gossip mags, my fhi flat iron
Current Beauty Routine: from start to finish: skinnyskinny rose & black pepper bar soap, ctonics passion shampoo, organic apoteke active cleanser, rose balancing toner & rasayana rejuvinating serum, jurlique rose body lotion.
Current Playlist: Joanna Newsom, CSS, TV On the Radio
Current Wishlist: Deux FM Evie Jacket, Anna Sova 600TC organic cotton sheet set,
Bio:Artist, activist and beauty school dropout, Spirit Demerson has spent many years testing, mixing, analyzing & searching for effective organic beauty products and ingredients. As a child she made her own perfumes using vanilla extract from the pantry and skin toner using fresh watermelon rind (her dads invention.) Cosmetology school was a natural choice but the lure of a modeling career beckoned and she left her native San Francisco Bay Area for NYC at the age of 18. Frustrated by the less-than-luxurious organic beauty selection available at natural foods markets and misleading labels at drugstores, she became an expert, spending hours obsessively researching ingredients, often mixing up batches of lotions and potions in her kitchen. Friends would constantly ask for product recommendations but sending them in too many different directions, getting them to read labels and to memorize an ever growing list of “ingredients to avoid” proved overwhelming. Spiritbeautylounge.com was founded as a place to shop online safely, knowing we’ve done the research for you!