How Do You Use RMS Living Luminizer – Your Secret Weapon For A Natural Glow

RMS Living Luminizer is one of the most popular cosmetics in the beauty industry, known for its ability to impart a natural, dewy glow to the skin. But how do you get the most out of this product?

Main Features

RMS Living Luminizer is not just another highlighter on the block. It’s a distinctive formula crafted to amplify the skin’s innate luminosity. With its organic ingredients, it promises a subtle, buildable glow devoid of any artificial glitter or shimmer.

The Magic Behind the Glow

RMS Living Luminizer Glow Quad Mini

The allure of RMS Living Luminizer is rooted in its multifaceted nature. It’s a fit for all skin types and shades, and its applications aren’t limited to just the face—it graces the eyes and body with equal charm. Moreover, its moisture-rich composition makes it a darling for those battling dry skin.


The secret to the amazing results of this product is related to its main ingredients.

  • Coconut Oil: Revered for its moisturizing prowess, it ensures the Luminizer is easy to spread and blend.
  • Castor Seed Oil: A treasure trove of fatty acids, it not only promotes skin health but also lends a natural sheen upon application.

Proper Application is Essential

Before you even think of makeup, priming your skin is paramount. Kick off with a pristine face, and layer it with a nourishing moisturizer. This preps the canvas, ensuring the Luminizer melds seamlessly with your skin.

Fingertip Dynamics

There’s a reason why many swear by fingertip application. The natural warmth of your fingers facilitates the product’s melding, ensuring an impeccable blend.


While fingers are great, tools can help you even more.

  • Makeup Sponge: A slightly moist makeup sponge can be your ally in dabbing the product onto your face’s high points, rendering a diffused radiance apt for day looks.
  • Brush Techniques: A compact, fluffy brush can be your go-to for precise application, especially when targeting the brow bone or the inner eye corners.

Daily Use

RMS Beauty How To Use

The versatility of RMS Living Luminizer is its strength. It’s not confined to just highlighting the cheekbones. Think bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and even a hint on the chin for a holistic facial glow.

Eyes That Mesmerize

The Luminizer isn’t shy of the eyes. Use it as a base for a glossy eyelid effect, or layer it atop your regular eyeshadow for that extra oomph.

Fusion Magic

The beauty of this product is its adaptability.

  • Foundation Fusion: Integrate a dab of Luminizer with your foundation or BB cream. The result? A radiant finish without the fuss of an additional highlighting step.
  • Lip Love: A touch of the Luminizer over your cherished lipstick can metamorphose it into a glossy avatar. Alternatively, grace your bare lips with it for a muted, moisturized sheen.

Different Types of Make-Up Style

Four RMS Luminizers

One of the best things about this product is that you can easily adapt it to different styles. Whether you’re aiming for a sun-kissed beach look or a sophisticated evening ensemble, this product has got you covered.

Daytime Subtlety

For those days when you’re aiming for a ‘less is more’ vibe, the Luminizer is your best friend. A gentle dab on the high points of your face can give you that fresh, morning glow. Pair it with a nude lip and mascara, and you’re ready to seize the day.

Evening Elegance

When the night calls for some drama, the Luminizer can still play a pivotal role. Layer it over a smokey eye for a sultry sheen or mix it with a bold lip color for a hint of shimmer. The key is to balance the glow, ensuring you shine in all the right places.


While the face is the primary canvas for the RMS Living Luminizer, its potential doesn’t stop there. This product’s versatility allows it to be a shining star in other areas of beauty application.

Collarbone and Shoulders

luminizer on the shoulders

When wearing off-shoulder tops or dresses, a touch of luminizer on the collarbone and shoulders can accentuate these areas, giving them a sculpted, radiant appearance. This technique is especially popular among celebrities on the red carpet.

Legs for Days

For those days when you’re flaunting your legs in a skirt or shorts, a hint of the Luminizer can make them appear longer and more toned. Apply a streak down the center of your shins; this creates an illusion of elongated, shimmering legs.

Proper Removal

While the RMS Living Luminizer is crafted with skin-loving ingredients, it’s essential to ensure your skin remains in top condition.

Gentle Removal

Always ensure you remove the Luminizer gently at the end of the day. Using a mild makeup remover or micellar water can ensure all traces are gone without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Post-Removal Nourishment

After removing the product, it’s a good practice to nourish the skin. A hydrating serum or moisturizer can replenish any lost moisture, ensuring your skin remains supple and ready for the next makeup application.

Adapting to the Changes

RMS Luminizers for all seasones

As the seasons shift, so do our makeup preferences and needs. The RMS Living Luminizer, with its adaptable nature, can be your constant companion, ensuring you glow no matter the weather.

Winter Radiance

During the colder months, skin tends to lean towards the drier side. The hydrating properties of the Luminizer come to the rescue, providing not just a glow but also a moisture shield. Pair it with a hydrating foundation for a dewy finish that combats winter dullness.

Summer Sheen

In the heat, a heavy makeup look can feel burdensome. But a light touch of the Luminizer on the high points of your face can give you a sun-kissed glow without the weight. Remember to set it with a light translucent powder to ensure longevity in the summer sweat.

Combine With Other Products

While the RMS Living Luminizer is a star on its own, the beauty market offers a plethora of luminizers and highlighters, each with its unique properties. However, there are some other products that you can add to unsure the right make-up, such as Maybelline Superstay.

Exploring Different Tones

Different tones of RMS Luminizers

Luminizers come in various shades, from pearl to gold to bronze. Depending on your skin tone and the look you’re aiming for, you might want to expand your collection. A golden hue can enhance a tan, while a rosy tone can give a blush-highlight combo effect.

Liquid vs. Powder

While RMS offers a creamy consistency, luminizers also come in liquid and powder forms. Liquid versions can be mixed with foundations for an all-over glow, while powders can be used for a more concentrated highlight.

Keep it Sustainable

One of the standout features of RMS Living Luminizer is its commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable practices. In today’s world, where consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their choices, this aspect is crucial.

Making Informed Choices

When expanding your makeup collection, it’s beneficial to research brands and their sustainability practices. From packaging to ingredient sourcing, every step matters in the larger ecological picture.

The Bigger Picture

Beauty is not just skin deep. It’s about feeling good, not just about how you look, but also about the choices you make. By opting for products like RMS Living Luminizer, you’re taking a step towards a more sustainable future, ensuring that the world remains beautiful for generations to come.


Is the RMS Living Luminizer suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, RMS Living Luminizer is formulated with organic ingredients, making it gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. However, as with any product, it’s always recommended to do a patch test first to ensure no allergic reactions.

Can men use the RMS Living Luminizer?

The RMS Living Luminizer is unisex and can be used by anyone looking to achieve a natural, radiant glow. Its subtle finish makes it suitable for all genders.

How long does a single pot of RMS Living Luminizer last with regular use?

Depending on the frequency of use and the amount applied, a single pot can typically last anywhere from 3 to 6 months with regular use.

Is the RMS Living Luminizer resistant to water or sweat?

While the Luminizer has a staying power, it’s not explicitly water or sweat-resistant. For prolonged wear in humid conditions or during activities that induce sweating, it’s advisable to set it with a translucent powder.

Can the RMS Living Luminizer be used in combination with other highlighters?

RMS Highlighter

Yes, the Luminizer can be layered with other highlighters to achieve a more intense or varied glow. Its creamy texture makes it blend seamlessly with other products.

Does the RMS Living Luminizer come in different shades?

The classic RMS Living Luminizer comes in a universal shade suitable for all skin tones. However, RMS Beauty offers other luminizing products in varied shades to cater to different preferences and skin tones.


The RMS Living Luminizer stands out in the beauty market, not just for its immediate results but also for its commitment to natural, skin-loving ingredients. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a pro, this product has something to offer. It’s not just about adding a glow to the skin; it’s about enhancing the natural beauty that lies within.